“Roll Red Roll” When Boys Will Be Boys

Understanding the weight of the subject matter of this compelling documentary and not stepping over the stories and subjects was of utmost importance in the music.   I wanted to have a constant moving texture and rhythm throughout the score.  For some of the colors of the score, I sampled lots of patterns with pencils, pens, sticks, and mallets of different types of surfaces.  Knuckle and finger cracks were sampled to implement an automatic tense layer.  Some of the other that I sampled were Bowls, Glass as well as different type of Shakers. I also used Polyrhythms and cross-rhythms which became a big part of the score; these types of rhythms became significant for the investigative sections of the film.  A piano that I modified with felt became a texture for the emotional parts, and repeatitive notes of the instrument created tension alongside the emotive sections.

m9 ALEX is the first theme I wrote for the project; this track employs all the colors mentioned above including a modified viola for the more procedural part of the track.  m11 THE TOWN is another theme of the film where you can hear the use of a Guitar that is going through pedals as well as modular effect modules.  m19 Rally is a track that utilized a modified string quartet, Violin, Tenor Violin, and two Violas in a form of a jig.  m20 TRIAL is a variation of the Rally track with the other themes intertwines just like the story is evolving and changing.