Consumed // Sofie’s Dream

The musical ideas for CONSUMED were to produce and write something that feels familiar but yet out of place.  The color which I started this project with was an old which I had at the studio which was out-of-tune to the tuner but not to itself!  Becuase of the Piano’s character it created a challenge for the rest of the score.  The challenge was to make the rest of the elements, players, synthesizers as well as the samples to tune to the Piano.  For the beat of the of the score, lots of farm utilities, tools and environments were recorded.  These custom samples also had to be manipulated for the tunning to be cohesive to the Piano.   On track TOWN, you can hear the exact detuned sound of the piano and the players.  The track MY FATHER, you can hear the family theme for a very emotional scene.  Within this track, you can hear some of the woodwind elements of the score.  The ELEVATORS track is one of the last pieces of music in the movie, where you can hear all the elements from the score combined into a rare action cue. Within this cue, you can hear how such an intimate score can evolve into an intense piece of music.