1979 Revolution : Black Friday

The concept for the score was to create a world where the music is authentic to the time, location, as well as have a universal language.  For 1979 I went to my roots of Persian Classical Music and utilized many of the instruments I was trained on from an early age.  One of the most used colors for the project was a modified (also spelled santoor).  This modified Santour, alongside vintage synthesizers created really interesting textures which stayed true to the vision Navid Khonsari (the creator of the game) and I had for the project.   I also used vocal effects as well general Persian Classical singing methods known as Avaz for the project.

For the track 1979 I re-composed an old song, originally written by Hassan Golnaraghi called Mara Beboos (Kiss Me Again), you can hear some of my signings in the track.  SORROW AND HOPE is a track that combines, original chants from the days of the Iranian revolution of  “Begoo Marg Bar Shah” which translates to “Say Death to Shah”, as well as a large Celli section combined with vintage Moog synthesizers.  LAJEVARDI SUITE was one of the first tracks that I wrote for the project, which is the theme for the main antagonist of the project.  or Haji was the main warden at the Evin Prison during the revolution and to his critics, he was known as “The butcher of Evin Prison.”